March 2017

Published by the Atlanta Chapter of the Human Ecology Action League (HEAL), Inc.
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President: Andrew Heyward, First Vice President, Program Chairman: Sydna Fisher, Second Vice President,
Membership: Joyce Taylor, Secretary: Joyce Taylor,Treasurer: Andrew B, Webmaster: Ian Greenberg, Newsletter: Sydna Fisher


The speaker for our Sunday March 26th meeting will be Sharon Reynolds, ND, RN, Certified Life coach, Reiki Master, and friend of Atlanta HEAL. Her topic will be “The Power of your Thoughts and Beliefs.” We look forward to her return.

We’ll meet at 1 pm in the community room in Johns Creek Whole Foods. Please make sure you and anyone you bring are fragrance free and please turn off your cell phone. Looking forward to seeing you there.


Our February meeting was a good sharing session on topics including mattresses, books, supplements, water filtration bottles, activated charcoal products, detoxification products, information on drugs, a natural detergent, and a reminder that while commercial baking soda is great for cleaning, the health food store brand is a safer choice for brushing teeth.


[] The Canary Housing Cooperative 501c has recently purchased its first housing site near Syracuse NY. A large house on an acre of land will be divided into three private two bedroom units. After much renovation work the units are expected to be ready next fall. Donations are needed to cover closing and legal costs and for readying the housing site to apply for a bank mortgage. The units will be affordable for people with Section 8 vouchers and may eventually be purchased by the residents. For more information call 315-810-2667 or visit canaryhousingcooperative.org.

[] MCS friends website now has a page of available housing which will be updated weekly. To place an ad (houses, land, or mobile housing for sale or rent) send an email to MCSfriends.org@gmail.com or call 248-301-2283 with ad and contact information. Housing ads are free, but donations are welcome. Housing wanted ads are not accepted at this time.

[] MCS friends hosts housing conferences. Recordings of previous housing conferences are available. 712-770-4019 access code 735-129# Enter # again to listen to the most recent recording.


Bone Broth Breakthrough by Dr. Josh Axe is a good introduction to the benefits of bone broth. Along with amino acids, collagen, gelatin, and trace minerals, the author lists key nutritional compounds found in bone broth. Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) have the primary role of maintaining and supporting collagen and elastin. They also help restore the intestinal lining. Glucosamine helps keep up the integrity of cartilage. Another GAG is hyaluronic acid, found throughout connective, skin, and nerve tissue. It supports healthy aging, cell rejuvenation, and skin firmness. A third GAG is chondroitin sulfate, which is found in cartilage and joints, supports bone and skin health. Bone broth also provides minerals and electrolytes in an easy to absorb form. Calcium, magnesium, and potassium as well as phosphorous are important for supporting healthy circulation, bone density, nerve signals, heart and digestive health. Collagen, another nutritional compound found in bone broth, helps form connective tissue and protects the lining of the GI tract. Some important amino acids found in collagen include proline, glutamine, glycine, and arginine.

The author says there are sixteen types of collagen, but 80 to 90 percent of it consists of three types. Type one is the most abundant and strongest kind in the human body. It is found in tendons, and is used to form bones and support wound healing. Beef bone broth is a good source. Type two, found in our joints and connective tissues, is best for repairing the gut lining and is found in chicken and turkey broth. Type three collagen is a major component of the extra cellular matrix that makes up our organs and skin. Beef bone broth is a good source.

In summary, the six major benefits of bone broth are as follows: it protects the joints; it is good for the gut; it helps maintain healthy skin; it supports immune system function by restoring gut health; it boosts detoxification both of the cells and the liver; and it aids metabolism. Most of the book is recipes and how to use bone broth protein products, but the author also includes instructions on making fresh bone broth.


March: Carol 5th

April: no birthdays


Because the room wasn’t available on Saturday the 18th, we asked for and got Sunday March 19th. Then we got bumped from the 19th and got Sunday the 26th. Thanks for being flexible!

Thank you to Mark Fisher and Ian Greenberg for their assistance in this newsletter.

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