June 2017

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The speaker for our July 15th meeting will be Nancy Banks, wellness advocate , detox specialist, health coach, and author. Her topic will be “Healing with Light: The Benefits of Nitric Oxide.” Nancy is inviting a couple of friends who want to hear the talk. She will brief them on fragrance and cell phones. We’ll meet at 1 pm in the community room in Johns Creek Whole Foods. Please make sure you and anyone you bring are fragrance free and please turn off your cell phone. Looking forward to seeing you.



Our May picnic was held at the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area. The covered area where we usually meet was taken, but we managed to find a picnic table that was shaded. It was good to catch up with Ian Greenberg who was in town visiting family.



In spite of an MCS/EI diagnosis, Joyce Brenner worked for the Philadelphia School district and was able to get a MLS degree in Library Science. Then in 1990, after a technician applied a mixture of diazinon, Ficam Plus (trade name) and pyrethrum, she became disabled. She ended up living near the Pine Barrens of New Jersey where most of the people she met had Lyme Disease. After learning that they were using muscle testing for health and healing and benefiting from their method, she easily learned how to do it herself. Testing felt very natural to her. Joyce uses it to test foods, treatments, doctors, what to take for what problem, and more. She has been helping several people for the past five years and is offering her remote testing to HEAL members for free.



June: Sunnye Martin 8th, Barbara Schwartz no date
July: No birthdays
August: Jerry Heltzer 12th, Shirley Parsons 26th, Jan Hensley 28th
September: Parka Wearn 12th, Mark Fisher 22nd, Mary Norman 28th, David Taylor 29th



[] The newsletter will be on vacation until September, but if something important comes up, we’ll send out a bulletin. Meanwhile, if you have a request for a sharing topic, the name of a potential speaker, or something you’d like to contribute to the newsletter, please contact Sydna Fisher.

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Our April 15th meeting will be a sharing session with an emphasis on catalogs, newsletters, and whatever else you find interesting and helpful!

We’ll meet at 1 pm in the community room in Johns Creek Whole Foods. Please make sure you and anyone you bring are fragrance free and please turn off your cell phone. Looking forward to seeing you there.




The speaker for our March meeting was Sharon Reynolds, RN, ND, who spoke on “The Power of your Thoughts and Beliefs.” Included in the talk were how to go about changing unhelpful thoughts and beliefs, some tools that help the process, and things that get in the way.

A dramatic example of how a man’s belief can affect his life was presented to Sharon when she was in a nursing school during a rehabilitation rotation. Diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, a neurological wasting disease, a 42 year old man came in for an electromyogram. The man was helpless and had to be fed, turned, and moved from his bed to his wheelchair. Upon seeing the results, the doctor administering the test said, “This man doesn't have myasthenia gravis! This man has had a stroke! With proper rehabilitation he will be able to regain function.” Upon hearing this, the man slowly stood up, walked to his wheelchair and sat down. Our beliefs drive our lives. They help to create and support our reality, especially when they are repeated over and over.

The first step to changing our thoughts and beliefs is to become aware of them. It is normal to have negative thoughts, but they add to the problem. When you have a negative thought or belief, look for objective evidence that supports your assumption. We perceive things according to our thoughts and beliefs, not necessarily objective reality. To become more aware, take a few days to write down what you are thinking, the good and the bad. Honor the good ones and start working on the bad ones. By identifying a negative thought or belief you can begin to change or override it.

The next step is to use statements which express and affirm a healthier, more positive way of thinking. They must be repeated frequently. Sharon said that while you are doing this, use the present tense and think in broad terms. You don’t have to know how the change will come about and the statements you use can be changed or modified with time. During this process, focus on the positive such as what you already have and what you like about yourself. Give attention to what makes you happy. Look for things to be grateful for. Look for little signs and changes that things might be shifting, indications that what you want can be true or is coming true.

In addition to repetition, Sharon said the key to using affirmations is emotion. Believe what you are saying. Get in touch with how you will feel when you reach your goal. Relaxation is also important, especially when using creative visualization. Twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, engage all five senses, picture yourself doing what you want to do, and imagine how you will feel when you have achieved your desired result.

It is always important to get support on the physical level from your health practitioners. Other tools which can be helpful in affecting a change are EFT, homeopathics, Bach Flower Remedies, and Reiki.

Sharon said that EFT tapping helps reconnect the flow of energy and can be powerful, but that it must be repeated at least 10 times a day in one session or throughout the day to be effective.

Homeopathics can be helpful if you get the right remedy and the right dilution.

Bach Flower Remedies work on the mental/emotional level and can do amazing things, but using the right one is the key. For instance, there are five different remedies for fear. To determine the best remedy, Sharon said to make a statement and ask why. For instance, I am feeling A. Why? Because of B. I am feeling B. Why? Because of C. Keep going until you get to the underlying problem or cause. Sharon also recommends Mechthild Scheffer as the most helpful author when deciding on a remedy. It is hard to know ourselves objectively, so the opinion of a second person can also help in the process. Some Bach Flower Remedies act immediately and others take much longer. Sharon recommended using the remedies made in England from Edward Bach’s garden.

Deep relaxation is in and by itself profoundly healing and Reiki is one of the best ways to achieve this. Using peaceful and relaxing words and phrases can be helpful. (See the picture on the next page.)

If you want to look at the possible emotional component of an illness, Sharon recommends Messages from the Body by Michael J. Lincoln PhD or Heal Your Body by Louise Hay.

When it comes to the ability to change beliefs, Sharon said there are three types of people. The first group thinks it is possible and believe they can do it. The second group thinks that all is up to chance. The third group thinks that healing comes from the outside (doctors, medicine). There are also people who can’t do it or won’t because of an unconscious desire to keep the problem because they receive a secondary gain such as getting attention or sympathy. The way to deal with this is to find another way to get these needs met. Worry also gets in the way of changing and healing and causes more suffering. Sharon said that children are happy because they haven’t learned to worry about what might happen. A member shared that when a group of old people were asked what they most regretted, they said that they had worried too much.

Another book Sharon recommended is New Thinking, New Life by Eric Allen Atwood. For Reiki, Healing Imagry, Bach Flower Remedies, or EFT, contact Sharon at 404-374-1577. sreynoldsatl@gmail.com




April – no birthdays

May – Jean Leslie 9th, Lisa Ehler 13th, Andrew B 14th, Andrew Heyward 15th, Teresa Smith 17th, Leah Spitzer 26th




[] This newsletter covers the main points of Sharon’s talk but there is much more. If you would like a CD or mp3 file of Sharon’s talk, contact Mark Fisher.

[] Our May meeting will be a picnic. Ian Greenberg will be in town and plans to attend.