April 2019

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The meeting room wasn’t available on the 20th, so we will meet on April 27th, when our speaker will be Jason Schoen. Jason has been in the health food industry for 20 years and is a graduate of the master course from Cannabis Training University in Colorado. His topic will be “All Things CBD”. We’ll meet at 1 o’clock in the community room at Johns Creek Whole Foods. Make sure you and anyone you bring are fragrance free and turn off your cellphone.


Our March meeting was a sharing session on healthy cleaning products. Thank you to Andrew B for leading the discussion and for writing a detailed outline with suggestions for each topic. His outline provided the framework for a very productive meeting. There are likely some products that are unfamiliar to members.

One of our members uses Enviro-One Multiple Use Cleaner for cleaning, shampoo, and bathing. Another uses Seventh Generation Free & Clear Natural Dish Liquid and Bon Ami for all of her cleaning. Still another uses Branch Basics for all of her cleaning. For the rest of the summary, Seventh Generation will be abbreviated to 7th, and sanitizer spray is made of ½ water and ½ Everclear grain alcohol.

[] Laundry

  1. Detergents: Biokleen Free & Clear Liquid Detergent; 7th Free & Clear Liquid Detergent; Planet; Ecos Free & Clear; Greenshield Organic Laundry Detergent Free & Clear.

  2. Bleach Substitutes: Whole Foods 365 Oxygen Whitening Powder; Biokleen Oxygen Bleach Plus; Ecos OXO Brite (all 3 are unscented and have a crystal form of peroxide for whitening).

  3. Stains: Hand rub/pre-treat with full strength Biokleen detergent; White Wizard (Vermont Country Store); 7th Free & Clear Laundry Stain Remover.

  4. Fabric softeners/static removers : Using unscented natural products, clothes won’t have static cling unless you over-dry them

  5. New clothes: Wash once and soak overnight in water/baking soda/vinegar mixture and then wash and dry repeatedly as needed. For a full washing machine use 2 cups baking soda and 3 cups vinegar. Let the mixture foam, agitate for 10 minutes and soak overnight.

[] Windows, mirrors: 20:1 water to vinegar; alcohol wipes; 7th Free & Clear Natural Dish Liquid; diluted 3% peroxide; sanitizer spray.

[] Toilet

  1. Bowl: Dish soap with ¼ cup bleach substitute. Let sit for 30 minutes or more after scrubbing; Bon Ami.

  2. Porcelain exterior, seat, and lid – Peroxide, 20:1 water vinegar (Do not mix peroxide and vinegar); sanitizer spray.

  3. Cleaning where the toilet meets the tile: Peroxide and Q-tip

[] Sinks, shower/tub, stove tops, ceramics: Better Life brand Kitchen & Bath Scrubber. Use bleach substitute as needed. For white sink, fill with water and add ½ to 1 cup bleach substitute. Soak for 4 or more hours. Bon Ami

[] Hardwood floors: Straight cold water. Warm water, vinegar and soap tend to activate the varnish. Dilute peroxide

[] Ceramic Tile floors: 20:1 water/vinegar

[] Countertops: Better Life Scrubber, 3% peroxide, or 20:1 vinegar and water

[] Dishes

  1. Hand washing: Nature Clean Unscented (NEEDS); Ecover Zero (has an alcohol smell); Mountain Green Free & Clear; 7th Free & Clear Natural Dish Liquid; Planet.

  2. Dishwasher: 7th Natural Dish Washing Liquid Free & Clear; 7th Dishwasher Detergent Powder Free & Clear. Bleach substitutes can be used in bottom of dishwasher for a pre-rinse. Leave the dishwasher door open a little when not in use to discourage mold growth. Same for washing machine lid.

  3. Sponge and garbage disposal rubber splash guard: Wash in dishwasher frequently. Use a fresh dish cloth every day

[] Hands:

  1. Soap: Organic and Natural Liquid Hand Soap Unscented (NEEDS); Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild; Sprouts Unscented Castile Soap

  2. Perfume on hands: Wash hands several times and scrub with Better Life Scrubber. If that isn’t enough, sprinkle baking soda on a plastic glove, put on, and seal the glove at the wrist with a rubber band. Hands will sweat and baking soda adsorbs the odor. Also works for gasoline or solvents on hands.

[] General wipes: Publix Pharma-C-Wipes in hydrogen peroxide or alcohol come in a plastic cylinder container. The only other ingredient is water; Baby Wipes (Whole Foods).

[] Bathing/Shower

  1. Tallow Bar Soap by Green Mountain in Huntsville, Al. 256-650-0059; Green Mountain Original Unscented (also on NEEDS); Nature Clean Natural Unscented Bar (NEEDS); Charcoal House Soap; Schmidt’s Fragrance Free Natural Soap (Sprouts)

  2. Shampoo: Rainbow Kid’s Unscented Shampoo; Unicure Hair and Skin Conditioner (order from Unicure); Real Purity Moisturizing Shampoo Unscented (realpurity.com); Unscented Whole Foods Shampoo; Seaweed Shampoo (Whole Foods)

[] Toothpaste: Tom’s Silly Strawberry and other fluoride free toothpastes if you can tolerate peppermint, spearmint, or fennel; Carefree CTX3 for sensitive teeth – mint or grape; Ora Wellness Shine tooth powder

[] Household products

  1. Paper products: Costco brand toilet paper, paper towels, and Kleenex, all unscented. NatureZ bamboo toilet paper (Sevenanda); 7th Unbleached 100% Recycled Paper Towels

  2. Garbage bags: Costco Brand 13 gallon; Full Circle large 13 gallon bags (biodegradable in landfills) contains up to 80% recycled plastic – Publix)

  3. Storage bags: Hefty or Walmart quart and gallon plastic storage bags.

[] Dusting: Moist rag or water sprayed on microfiber duster; unscented Swiffer cloth

[] Cat litter: Publix Unscented Clay Cat Litter with 1 cup baking soda mixed each week; World’s Best cat litter.

[] Odor Control: Zero Odor for bathroom and litter box. To clean litter box – Citrus Magic Pet Multi Surface Stain and Odor Eliminator (water, unscented soap, vegetable enzyme blend); Anti Icky Poo Unscented.

Thank you to all who participated. This is a very good list, but there are many more options for some of the categories. Please let us know what your favorites are! The outline also included natural weed killers and insecticides, but due to space, these will be in the May newsletter.


[] Andrew Heyward would like to adopt out his parrot. If you or someone you know might be interested, please contact him.

[] Jean DeSantis recommends handy man Ron Reisinger 770-317-4899. He does all kinds of odd jobs (tile, wood, electrical, plumbing) and doesn’t wear cologne. He prefers to work in a 12-15 mile radius of Lilburn but will travel farther if the job is worth his time.


April: No birthdays
May: Evelyn Tejeda 2nd, Jean Leslie 9th, Lisa Ehler 13th, Andrew B 14th, Andrew Heyward 15th, Leah Spitzer 26th 


[] This will be your last reminder to send in dues or a note that you don’t plan to renew.

[] Our May meeting will be a picnic.

Thank you to Mark Fisher and Ian Greenberg for their assistance in this newsletter.

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